ZHEN Libing,LI Sanzhong,GUO Lingli.2019.Genetic Mechanism of the Propagation-derived Microplate: A Review.Geotectonica et Metallogenia,43(4):730-744.doi:10.16539/j.ddgzyckx.2019.04.008


《大地构造与成矿学》[ISSN:ISSN 1001-1552/CN:CN 44-1595/P]



Genetic Mechanism of the Propagation-derived Microplate: A Review
甄立冰12 李三忠12* 郭玲莉12 王光增12 索艳慧12 朱俊江12 李玺瑶12 戴黎明12 刘永江12
1.海底科学与探测技术教育部重点实验室, 中国海洋大学 海洋高等研究院和海洋地球科学学院, 山东 青岛 266100; 2.青岛海洋科学与技术国家实验室 海洋地质过程与环境功能实验室, 山东 青岛 266237
ZHEN Libing12 LI Sanzhong12* GUO Lingli12 WANG Guangzeng12 SUO Yanhui12 ZHU Junjiang12 LI Xiyao12 DAI Liming12 and LIU Yongjiang12
1.Key Lab of Submarine Geosciences and Prospecting Techniques, MOE, Institute for Advanced Ocean Study and College of Marine Geoscience, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266100, Shandong, China; 2.Laboratory for Marine Geology and Environment, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, Qingdao 266237, Shandong, China
延生型微板块 成因机制 物理模拟 数值模拟
propagation-derived microplate formation mechanism analogue modeling numerical modeling
P542; P67
延生型微板块是指海底扩张或大陆裂解过程中, 因裂谷间快速叠接拓展而发生旋转, 捕获老的岩石圈并增生新的岩石圈所形成的一类微板块。影响其形成的动力因素众多, 根据作用位置可分为浅部动力因素和深部动力因素两类。延生型微板块广泛分布于深海大洋, 代表区域为东太平洋海隆处, 但因观测困难, 生长周期长, 数据缺乏, 目前对其成因机制的研究主要有物理模拟和数值模拟两类。物理模拟实验根据实验材料和设备的不同可分为冻蜡模型、离心机模型和胶体模型三种。建立的数值模型从最初简单的二维模型发展到条件更为复杂的三维模型, 同时开始更多的考虑深部地幔对流的影响。但这些研究主要是探索裂谷拓展行为, 仅局限于发现了延生型微板块的形成, 并未形成关于延生型微板块形成和演化的研究体系。本文在前人研究的基础上归纳了延生型微板块形成的影响因素, 系统梳理了相关的构造物理实验和数值模型研究问题, 并结合其他相关研究进一步展望了未来建立延生型微板模型的发展方向。
The propagation-derived microplate refers to a kind of microplate formed by rapid overlapping propagation of rift during seafloor spreading or continental breakup, during which the propagation-derived microplate rotates, captures the old lithosphere, and accelerates the new lithosphere.Many dynamic factors may influence its formation, which can be divided into shallow and deep dynamic factors according to the position of action.Propagation-derived microplate is widely distributed in the deep ocean, and one of the representative areas is the East Pacific Ridge (EPR).However, due to observation difficulty, long growth cycle, lack of data, the current research methods of its genetic mechanism mainly include two types: analog modeling and numerical modeling.According to different experimental materials and equipments, the analogue modeling experiments can be divided into three types: freezing wax model, centrifuge model and colloid model.The established numerical model is developed from the initial simple two-dimensional model to the more complicated three-dimensional model, and more consideration is given to the impact of deep mantle convection.These studies are mainly focused on the propagation behavior of the rift, and did not form a systematic research system for the formation and evolution of the propagation-derived microplate.Based on previous studies, this paper summarizes the influencing factors of propagation-derived microplates, systematically reviews the related physical simulation experiment and numerical model researches, and prospects the future development direction of the propagation-derived microplate model.


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