[1]孟 繁,李三忠,索艳慧.2019.跃生型微地块: 离散型板块边界的复杂演化.大地构造与成矿学,43(4):644-664.doi:10.16539/j.ddgzyckx.2019.04.003
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跃生型微地块: 离散型板块边界的复杂演化

《大地构造与成矿学》[ISSN:ISSN 1001-1552/CN:CN 44-1595/P]



Ridge Jumping-derived Micro-blocks: Unravelling a Complex Evolutionary Process for Divergent Plate Boundaries
孟 繁12 李三忠12* 索艳慧12 朱俊江12 李玺瑶12 戴黎明12 刘永江12 于胜尧12 汪 刚12
1.海底科学与探测技术教育部重点实验室, 中国海洋大学 海洋高等研究院和海洋地球科学学院, 山东 青岛 266100; 2.青岛海洋科学与技术国家实验室 海洋地质过程与环境功能实验室, 山东 青岛 266237
MENG Fan12 LI Sanzhong12* SUO Yanhui12 ZHU Junjiang12 LI Xiyao12 DAI Liming12 LIU Yongjiang12 YU Shengyao12 and WANG Gang12
1.Key Laboratory of Submarine Geosciences and Prospecting Techniques, MOE, Institute for Advanced Ocean Study and College of Marine Geosciences, Ocean University of China, Qingdao 266100, Shandong, China; 2.Laboratory for Marine Geology and Environ?ment, Qingdao National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology, Qingdao 266237, Shandong, China
跃生型微地块 微板块 洋中脊跃迁 板块三节点 地幔柱
ridge jumping-derived micro-block microplate ridge jump triple junction mantle plume
P542; P67
当今板块构造理论的发展越发需要精细化研究, 前人在板内变形、洋中脊增生、裂谷拓展以及板块驱动力等方面开展了大量工作。但大洋岩石圈内部仍有很多微型构造块体没有得到更完善的认识和整理。本文总结前人关于裂谷拓展、洋中脊跃迁以及洋中脊-热点相互作用的研究, 归纳全球跃生型微地块实例。结合大洋岩石圈内部微地块的形成和消亡过程, 提出了3个跃生型微地块演化模型, 即三节点重组模型、微陆块的大陆裂谷跃迁模型和微洋块的洋中脊跃迁模型, 并探讨其深部动力和物质来源, 便于进一步开拓洋中脊重组和海底构造的研究工作。大多数跃生型微地块是由于洋中脊-热点相互作用导致的, 地幔柱对跃生型微地块的形成具有显著控制作用。跃生型微地块是深浅部构造耦合研究的关键。跃生型微地块可以由延生型微地块、残生型微地块等转化而来, 也可能在板块运动过程中转化为增生型微地块或碰生型微地块等。
Intensive investigations have been carried out on intraplate deformation, rift propagation and ridge jumping, however, many micro-blocks in oceanic lithospheres still have not been very well studied.This paper summarizes the previous results on rift propagation, ridge jumping and ridge-plume interaction, and gives some examples of global ridge jumping-derived micro-blocks.Combined with the formation and extinction of micro-blocks in oceanic lithospheres, we proposed three ridge jumping models which include continental micro-blocks, oceanic micro-blocks and triple junction reconstruction model, and discussed the deep dynamic and material sources.These models will facilitate further study of ridge reconstruction and submarine tectonics.Many factors can trigger rift propagation and ridge jumping.The mantle plume has a significant control on the formation of micro-blocks, and indeed, many micro-blocks are caused by ridge-plume interaction.The ridge jumping-derived micro-block model is a key to understand deep-shallow tectonics coupling.The ridge jumping-derived micro-blocks can be transformed from propagation-derived micro-blocks and subduction-derived micro-blocks, and may also be transformed into accretion-derived micro-blocks or collision-derived micro-blocks during the process of plate evolution.


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项目资助: “全球变化与海气相互作用”专项(GASI-GEOGE-01)、山东省-国家自然科学基金联合基金项目(U1606401)、国家重点研发项目(2016YFC0601002、2017YFC0601401)和试采海底孔隙压力监测与海洋物理环境研究项目(2018c-03-186)联合资助。
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