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《大地构造与成矿学》[ISSN:ISSN 1001-1552/CN:CN 44-1595/P]



Conditions of Deformation Bands in the Cretaceous Yuan’an Basin, Western Hubei, Central China
王 超12 单业华1
1.中国科学院 广州地球化学研究所, 中国科学院边缘海与大洋地质重点实验室, 广东 广州 510640; 2.中国科学院大学, 北京 100049
WANG Chao12 and SHAN Yehua1
1. CAS Key Laboratory of Ocean and Marginal Sea Geology, Guangzhou Institute of Geochemistry, Chinese Academy of Science, Guangzhou 510640, Guangdong, China; 2. University of Chinese Academy of Science, Beijing 100049, China
变形带 断层 风成沙丘相 孔隙度 伸展体制
deformation bands faults aeolian-dune facies porosity extensional regime
鄂西远安盆地露头尺度的变形构造以中?高角度的正断层和变形带为主, 这些构造与盆地内整体上稀疏发育的正断层不同的是, 变形带呈面状分布, 密集出现在该盆地中、南部上白垩统红花套组块状砂岩中。根据沉积构造特征, 该盆地红花套组可分为两个截然不同的沉积相类型, 即风成沙丘相和河湖相。通过野外岩相填图, 发现变形带集中出现在风成沙丘相的块状砂岩中。显微X-CT表明, 风成砂岩的孔隙度平均为16%左右, 最高可达23%, 这非常有利于变形带的发育, 是造成变形带主要分布在红花套组的直接原因。晚白垩世区域伸展体制提供了大多数变形带形成所需要的应变量, 由此形成的变形带与同时形成的正断层在成因上密切相关。
Most macroscopic deformation structures in the Yuan’an Basin, western Hubei are medium- to high-angle normal faults and deformation bands. Unlike sparse normal faults in the basin, deformation bands are widely distributed in the massive sandstone of the Upper Cretaceous Honghuatao Formation in the central and southern parts of the basin. Two distinct facies, aeolian-dune and fluvial-lacustrine, were identified in the formation, according to sedimentary structures observed at outcrops. Field mapping shows that a vast majority of the bands occur in the aeolian-dune sandstones. Micro X-CT yields a large porosity for such sandstones, an average 16%, the maximum 23%. As such high porosity is favorable for the formation of deformation bands, and thus is likely the principal factor affects the spatial occurrence of deformation bands in the formation. The Late Cretaceous extensional regime provides necessary strain to produce genetically related deformation bands and normal faults in the rift basin.


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